Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Schmidt Land Surveying, Inc. instead of a larger Denver based Corporation?

We are a small privately owned and operated business which allows us to place emphasis on one-on-one relationships. You will be connected to the same person each time you call and not have to go through an office manager, project manager, field crew personnel or others to get your answer.

Pride in communicating with each client from the beginning to the completion of the job.

The field work to the Cad drawings are generated from data that has been collected from the same person and not interpreted by a drafting technician.

Personal service from a small local company results in less overhead and lower costs.

Extensive knowledge of land history in and around Summit County.

What if I need an Engineer?

Many larger surveying and engineering companies claim to offer a broad range of services, however we feel that the personal attention and detail that we provide is invaluable.

Schmidt Land Surveying, Inc. works very closely with Engineering Companies on a variety of different jobs. All of the survey data is easily sent to a civil engineer or a structural engineer in different electronic forms.